Let Desserts Do The Talking at Your Next Corporate Event - Sift Dessert Bar

Let Desserts Do The Talking at Your Next Corporate Event

Jun 12, 2018

Bring Desserts to Your Corporate Event & Be a Hero

Ah, corporate events. An excellent time to rub elbows, get to know your coworkers a bit better, impress your boss, and enjoy some food and drink on the company. Even so, these events can get pretty stagnant on the refreshment front. We’ve all been to events and mixers where we see the same crudité tray, chips and salsa, and various other finger foods. They’re not super flavorful, they’re super easy to overindulge on because you’re grazing, and they’re frankly pretty boring.

Want to be a hero at your next corporate event? Bring dessert.

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Yes, really! The person who brings donuts into the office on Friday is popular for a reason. We don’t recommend swinging by for a $6 dozen, however. Instead, impress everyone with a fully thought-out dessert tray. Why? Here are our answers.

People Love a Treat

Going to a corporate event can occasionally feel like going back to work. For the event planners, it is going back to work! You have to be “on” for your coworkers and boss because it’s expected of you. It’s not a let-your-hair-down sort of party – at least, not if you’re doing it the right way. This is why people like to indulge a little at these events. It makes it feel less like an obligation and more like a, well, party. A sweet treat feels special and brings the event outside the ordinary.

You’re Unlikely to Have Leftovers

When you’re bringing out platters of finger food, you’re probably going to end up with a picked-over wasteland of leftovers at the end of the night. Dessert trays rarely have this problem. It’s tough for people to say no to something so sweet. Plus, you can very easily offer up to-go treats at the end of the night and people will actually take you up on it.

It Cuts Down on Grazing

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Ask anybody their least favorite thing about the food at corporate events and they’ll probably tell you there’s too much of it and it was too easy to keep going back to the appetizer table between conversations. It’s not at all uncommon for event goers to overindulge. When you offer up dessert, people are more likely to only take one cupcake or piece of pie and call it a night. The food is rich and sugary, which makes most people feel more satisfied.

Dessert Trays Feel Like More Effort

Setting out a veggie platter is pretty basic party planning – anyone can do it. You can instantly raise your event to a new level by setting out attractive desserts. It feels like you expended more effort on planning and putting everything together. People will notice, we guarantee it. Especially if the desserts are customized for the event!

Whatever your reasons for choosing a dessert bar for your next event, it’s sure to be a hit. Your guests will feel like they were worth the extra mile and your coworkers will appreciate having something different to nibble on. Desserts have the effect of making people feel like they can stick around for longer and try one more thing. Seriously, there’s a psychological effect that shows presenting food variety makes people feel less bored and more interested! There’s no doubt that offering up something unique will help make you the talk of the party and everyone’s hero.

Need some help planning your next event? We’re so glad you asked – we LOVE parties. We’ll help you figure out the perfect dessert table for your event!

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