Sift Dessert Bar ® is a modern dessert shop for gifting, treating and celebrating. With locations in Northern California’s Wine Country and San Francisco Bay Area, Sift also ships desserts nationwide.  The company was established in April of 2008 when Andrea Ballus uncovered a niche for high-end dessert bars while scouring Wine Country for vendors for her Sonoma wedding. The choices were slim so she set out to solve that problem by opening up her own dessert shop! Her gamble paid off and the store was a hit from the start.  

In 2011, the company gained nationwide notoriety when Sift won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.  Andrea and her best friend, Corey Samo (Fanfa), topped the competition through three rounds of grueling events to come out as the champion of the Wedding episode in season 2. The win, coupled with several subsequent appearances on Cupcake Wars episodes, has propelled the business into the nationwide spotlight and further solidified Sift as a force to be reckoned with in the world of upscale desserts.

Since its inception, the company has enjoyed steady growth with several retail stores, a thriving corporate catering business, and an online mail order business that ships its desserts nationwide! To this day, the company is family owned and operated by Andrea and Jeff (husband)...with occasional floor detail or box folding by one of their 3 young children. 


Ballus Family