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How To Design a Dessert Bar for Your Event

Feb 15, 2022

Your event is one of a kind, and dessert is the most exciting part for your guests. The treats you serve guests will be a highlight of the event! Don't let a drab dessert table be the grand finale. 

Table size

This is the first item on your checklist and mostly depends on how large or small your dessert selections and options are.  What are you displaying?

Rectangle tables are by far the most used for the convenience of the size and space to display items.  A round table might be a fun option if you'd like guests to get a full circle view and create height and drama in the center of the table with desserts cascading outwardly.  Perhaps you might want two smaller dessert tables in meaningful areas of the space?  

Display Pieces 

Dessert displays come in all shapes + sizes. You can contact your rental vendor or hit up your favorite thrift stores to collect some gorgeous pieces. We recommend a variety of platters, cake plates, bowls, + even coupes! Height is a key element for dessert bar displays. You can add height by incorporating props like vases with tall flowers or candles. Wood boxes, wine crate, and hat boxes can all be used as risers to hold treats. {Pro-tip: if the riser doesn't match your aesthetic, throw a table cloth or piece of fabric over the top of it}

Custom Details of your Dessert Bar

You want your dessert to showcase your wedding style, you can do this by adding custom menu signage that matches your aesthetic and wedding colors.  

Be sure to add in lots of color that flows naturally with your event design. Florals is a must for creating instant drama and filling in a cohesive look. 

Linens should match the overall decor. They should be subtle enough to let the dessert be the show stopper.  Make sure your tablecloth goes all the way to the floor!

Lighting in the way of candles or even spotlights really add drama to the centerpiece and can serve to highlight the table at significant times during the event. 

Have fun and check out our Wedding Pinterest board for dessert bar ideas at other weddings and events!  

For ideas on what desserts to serve at your wedding or event, visit our sample dessert bar ideas here

xoxo, Sift

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