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Why Dessert Bars are Still The Life of the Party or Event

Jun 13, 2018

Dessert Bars Are Still Hot and Here’s Why

No matter where we go or what we do, there’s one thing that never changes: people love dessert. Full-stop, no sense denying it. Doesn’t matter the locale or the culture. Everyone loves to have something sweet, even if they might not indulge in it after a meal like we do in America. This is also true for events. Regardless of the type of event, it’s next to impossible to go wrong with a well-placed dessert bar.

We’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but there’s an actual psychological reason why people always seem to have room for dessert. The basic principle is that variety can delay our feelings of satiation. That’s why we’re always interested in sneaking just one more bite of something new and different when it comes to the table. This principle extends to desserts, and dessert bars offer more variety than virtually anything else.


A towering display of cupcakes, macarons, or even Whoopie cookies can make the entire event feel polished and put together. Not only will you have provided a splendid meal for your guests, you’ll also give them their just desserts, quite literally. It gives the impression of taking the extra effort to ensure that they leave satisfied and have a well-rounded number of options.

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Showcase your Style and Personality with Dessert Bars

For weddings and personal parties, a dessert bar is an excellent way to showcase your style and personality. They’re totally customizable and you can offer up a variety of treats to suit everyone’s palate, from milkshakes to cake pops. Most bakeries, ours included, can work with you to make something unique and totally you. Whether your wedding is themed to a particular color or your graduation event needs crowd-pleasers, all you have to do is ask your baker to help you come up with the perfect treats. Best of all, you’re not limited to a single cake flavor – you can pick as many different types of treats as you’d like!

Most of all, though, dessert bars are still hot because they bring warm and fuzzy feelings wherever they go. Really! Dessert reminds us of childhood, happy memories, indulgent goodies, and tons of other good stuff. It’s hard to imagine a birthday party or wedding without cake for a reason. Smell and taste are two of our most powerful memory triggers, and that’s largely because we link those things to memories from major events in our life. What’s a more major event than a celebration of life or love? Dessert makes everyone feel good. It’s brain science!

At Sift Dessert Bar, we obviously love desserts. We also love events, so when we can combine those two things, we have a very good day. Our bakery is all about experimentation and staying ahead of the curve on dessert catering trends so that the Bay Area and wine country always have the latest tasty treats. There’s nothing we adore more than working with people to come up with a unique spin on dessert bars for their event, whatever that event happens to be. Have an idea that seems pretty weird and out there? Come see us. We are more than up for the challenge!

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