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Happy Holidays Cupcakes

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Happy Holidays!
Includes an assortment of  6 or 12 holiday flavored cupcakes + holiday celebratory toppers
Holiday Flavors include:
Mint Chocolate - chocolate cake filled with mint mousse and dipped in a mint chocolate ganache (tastes just like an Andes Mint Candy!) 
Cookie Butter Creme - spice cake, filled with cookie butter mousse, topped with speculoos cookie crumb frosting 
Red Velvet - red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting 
Birthday -  vanilla confetti cake topped with vanilla buttercream and festive holiday sprinkles 
*image does not depict flavors shown

Full Dozen includes 12 cupcakes + 4 toppers.
Half Dozen includes 6 cupcakes + 2 toppers.

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All Sift products are all made by hand,
each delectable dessert is perfect for treating, gifting, and celebrating.

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Fresh baked treats are flash frozen and packed in temperature controlled packaging with a delightful unboxing experience!
See the FAQ's for more details.


While we try our best to contain ingredients and finished products, Sift Dessert Bar is NOT a nut-free or allergen free facility. We bake using equipment that has exposure to tree nuts, nut oils, soy, peanuts, cashews, dairy, and wheat. 

  • Cakes and cupcakes contain soy, milk, eggs, and wheat.
  • Gluten free cakes and cupcakes contain malt and soy.
  • Vegan cake and cupcakes contains wheat. 
  • All Buttercreams contain dairy (we use real butter!)
  • Hazelnut Italian Buttercream contains dairy, hazelnuts, and pralines.
  • Vegan Frostings contain cashews, sunflower, flax, and soy. 
  • Peanut Butter frostings contain peanuts and peanut oil. 
  • Cream Cheese frostings contain dairy and some flavors contain gluten.
  • White chocolate and dark chocolate mousse - contains soy + dairy
  • Jams - contain fruit and cornstarch
  • Chocolate ganache - dairy
  • Hazelnut filling - dairy + hazelnuts 
  • Contains almond flour, eggs, and dairy. 
  • Macarons are gluten free!
  • Contain wheat and dairy.
  • Marzipan Cookie contains almonds
  • Snickerdoodle is vegan. Contains wheat.
  • Contain wheat, eggs, and dairy.
  • They are baked in a facility where soy is present.

Questions about a specific dessert or flavor? Please email us at hello@siftdessertbar.com. 

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