Sift Picks: Most Expensive Desserts

Apr 25, 2018

Who among us doesn’t like to treat ourselves once in a while? There’s nothing like picking out a decadent dessert on a top-tier menu to make you feel fancy. However, some of those price points can get a little rich for even our sugar-loving blood. So we like to live vicariously by finding the most lavish, daydream-worthy desserts to think about having someday. If you want to be “extra,” as the kids say, these are your best bet.

Serendipity 3’s Golden Opulence Sundae & Haute Chocolate

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a mention of this famous restaurant’s literal golden sundae in our lineup. Reportedly costing a whopping $1,000 for a single dessert, this towering sundae boasts one of the world’s most expensive chocolate syrups and a staggering amount of real, edible gold. You know, for people who like to eat money as well as spend it. However, even this mind-blowingly pricey treat pales in comparison to their Frozen Haute Chocolate Sundae, which offers up five whole grams of 23-karat gold and is topped with a truffle that costs $250 all by itself. Plus, it comes with a bonus gold and diamond bracelet. Très chic. The damage? $25,000.

French Laundry Dessert Assortment

These desserts don’t have a specific price tag, but that’s because they only come with the restaurant’s base $310 per person prix fixe menu. That’s not including the wine or any supplemental additions to your meal, which can easily send the price tag soaring even higher. However, when it comes to dessert, this wine country classic doesn’t skimp on the sweets – you can expect a variety of different treats to make sure you leave your meal completely satisfied, plus bonus shortbread cookies in a French Laundry tin before you leave. On a typical day, you may receive plates of pink lemonade macarons, assorted chocolate truffles, handmade ice cream, delicate layered cake, filled pastries, and so much more, each one a delight on the palate.

Krispy Kreme Luxe Donut

When you think of Krispy Kreme, you probably think of swinging by for a quick dozen for the office as a Friday morning treat. For all intents and purposes, this well-known donut staple is imminently affordable. But did you know that in 2014 they created a single donut that cost a whopping $1,685? It was filled with Dom Pérignon champagne jelly and was beautifully decorated in gold leaf, edible diamonds, and a sculpted white chocolate lotus flower. This one-of-a-kind donut delicacy was created to raise money for The Children’s Trust, and it’s unlikely that it’ll ever exist again. Wild!

Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans

jelly beans

David Klein is best known for his mega-popular Jelly Belly brand jelly beans, but he also has a line of beans made from natural ingredients that includes flavors like wasabi, thai chili, Himalayan sea salt, and the ever-popular fruit flavors more commonly associated with these little candies. The jelly beans themselves aren’t ridiculously expensive, but occasionally you’ll find the price soaring up to $500 when they’re coated in gold leaf and offered inside a unique crystal container. It’s certainly a conversation starter for your next party!

Korova Black Bar “Special” Brownie

This isn’t an area we’re exploring ourselves, but there’s no doubt that the cannabis edibles market is on the rise in California, as well as elsewhere in the country. The creativity is impressive, honestly, and you’ll find cannabis taking the form of gummy bears, sipping cocoa, marshmallows, cookies, and of course, brownies. That special additive doesn’t come cheap, and these brownies are made with brown sugar, cocoa, cannabutter, and more. They’ll cost you $16 a brownie.

Fortress Resort & Spa’s Fisherman’s Indulgence

We’ve admittedly noticed a trend with a lot of these expensive desserts, and that trend is “when in doubt, throw some gemstones on it.” This one is no exception, especially since you have to hop a plane to Sri Lanka to get it. The price is a jaw-dropping $14,500, mostly due to the giant aquamarine gemstone it comes with. However, the dessert itself is nothing to sneeze at. We’re talking a pomegranate and mango compote made with Dom Pérignon champagne, plus a chocolate sculpture of – you guessed it – a fisherman. It’s beautiful to look at and (we’re guessing) very tasty.

Perhaps we’ll never get to taste even half of these treats, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. What’s the most expensive dessert you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying? Which one is on your bucket list?

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