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Summer Guide Dessert Up Your Picnic

Aug 11, 2020

Warm summer days are the perfect opportunity to get outside, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy a delicious basket full of picnic treats! Of course, no picnic is complete without a tasty selection of desserts!

Whether you’re looking to pack for a family celebration, a romantic picnic for two, or a girls’ brunch, we have you covered with the best delicacies for your picnic and desserts that are sure to impress! Don’t forget to pack your mask + social distance too! ;)

Family Celebration

Family picnics in the park are a great way to make fun summer memories. But when you’re planning a family celebration, be sure to bring a variety of food and desserts that tickle everyone’s taste buds!

Main Course:

Traditional picnic fair is popular for a reason. When there’s a crowd, keep it simple with hot dogs and burgers that can easily cook on a park grill.

Sides: Throw in some variety with classics like potato salad and a pop of sweet freshness with a fruit salad. 

Desserts: A picnic for all ages calls for universal favorites, and you can never go wrong with a cupcake and whoopee cookie sampler to delight even the pickiest of eaters! Classics like lemon cupcakes and chocolate chip whoopie cookies are always in demand, but our fun twists like PB&J cupcakes will certainly become new favorites! Pick out at least two flavors of each dessert so everyone can have their choice, as well as options for the gluten-free+ vegan picnic members.

Picnic for Two

A blanket under a tree and a bottle of wine are the perfect ingredients for a romantic picnic. But you’ll top the romance charts when you bring a scrumptious picnic basket filled with upscale delicacies, like our cruffles!

Main Course: 

Give your picnic a ritzy feel by bringing fancy versions of traditional favorites. Trade standard sandwiches for a fresh loaf of French bread and a selection of high-end meats and cheeses, such as prosciutto and white cheddar. 

Sides: A fruit and cheese board never disappoints in romantic situations and looks so classy next to champagne!

Desserts: For a mess-free picnic, bite-sized desserts are best. Stock up on fancy treats like macarons and cruffles that are easy to eat with your fingers and still look oh-so classy. Blackberry lavender macarons and our  Sky is Falling chocolate cruffles are always date-night winners, but be sure to grab a variety of flavors you’ll both enjoy!

Girls Brunch Out

Skip the crowded café and bring your girls and mimosas to a peaceful picnic instead! Lucky for you, fun picnic twists on brunch fare are as easy as they are delicious.

Main Course: 

Make your favorite brunch delights picnic-ready by bringing petite versions that are easy to pack in your basket, like mini quiches. Then throw in some fancy finger sandwiches or wraps to round out your flavors. Try grilled chicken with sundried tomato spread, spinach, and a thick slice of mozzarella cheese to put a savory twist on this classic brunch fare!


Fresh fruit is always in style at a picnic, but you can easily brunch it up by putting together mini mason jars layered with fresh fruit and yogurt for adorable parfaits!


A fancy girls’ brunch requires extravagant-tasting desserts, so why not add some zing to your sweets with a little dash of bubbly? Pink champagne cupcakes pair perfectly with peach bellini and rosé macarons for a delectable and upscale dessert spread your girls will rave about! 

Closing Thoughts

Whatever your ideal picnic looks like this summer, be sure to make it memorable with the picture-perfect dessert for the occasion. If you like our recommendations, you can find all these sweet delicacies and more at Sift Dessert Bar! Visit us online to see our full dessert menu and pick out the perfect treats to complete your picnic.

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