The Cherry on Top - A NEW Sift Dessert Bar - Sift Dessert Bar

The Cherry on Top - A NEW Sift Dessert Bar

Nov 18, 2022

Sift Family + Friends,

Since our opening day in 2008, almost 15 years ago, our goal has been to make delightful desserts, stay relevant to our guests, and remind ourselves why we do this everyday...for the Cherry on Top Experience.  

Sift has been shared at countless birthdays, baby showers, breakups and marriages in all the communities we've served.  It all started with just a cake recipe and an apron and through it all our loyal guests have always chosen us for a bit of nostalgia. What started as a little cupcake shop is now so much more than just cupcakes! Flashback: Winning Cupcake Wars on Food Network! 


Sift's evolution to the present day and beyond is about community; bringing people together to share and celebrate life's special moments. While we will always have cake (who could live without cake), we are committed to creating new, delightful pastries and desserts for treating, gifting, and celebrating. 


Over the years, you've stood by us as we've grown our Sift Family, made it on the Food Network, expanded our product line, held strong through a pandemic and so much we introduce a new SIFT: bold, invigorated, and ready to party! Check it out below! 

 Deluxemodern Design Sift Dessert Bar Brand Refresh

The Cherry on Top Sift Dessert bar

Sift Dessert Bar Rebrand


Andrea + Family


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